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Agricultural Field Management & Tracking
with integrated in-season per Field Accounting
and Profitability Forecasting

Email us today or call us at 1-866-325-7742 to trial our demo or sign up your farm!

FieldValues - Offering total customization for YOUR farming operations.

  • Browser-based ('in the cloud') software - it's accessible from the desktop or laptop in your office, or the tablet in your cab with a 3G/4G cellular Internet connection.
  • Use with Windows, Apple, ChromeOS, or Android. Enter field tracking data while you're on auto-steer!
  • Incredibly intuitive, simple to use interface. Designed for touch screens as well as keyboard/mouse use.
  • Fast, streamlined design optimized for slower rural Internet connections.
  • Accurately track your expenses on a per field basis
  • Enables real-time estimates at every stage of the season forecasting whether a field will be profitable, and run your farm accordingly.
  • Designed specifically to assist in managing farms with thousands of acres that have a large number of different fields.
  • The software is extensively customized for your farm - no extra clutter.
  • Multiple user logins, each with full or read-only access.
  • If you want an enhancement to the software, talk to us about getting it implemented quickly.
  • Affordable annual subscription based on the acres you farm.

Check out the video overview - learn how FieldValues can help you in just a few minutes...

Email us today or call us at 1-866-325-7742 to trial our demo or sign up your farm!

FieldValues is specifically designed for grain, bean, and potato farms in Canada and USA - but we can customize it for other specialty crops and situations!

FieldValues assists with:

  • Farm Management
  • Crop & Field Tracking
  • Ag Financial Analysis
  • Field Profitability
  • Field Reporting
  • Farm Accounting
  • Ag Income & Profit forecasting
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